Following the Footsteps of Jesus

By Chris DeVos – Originally Printed in The Holland Sentinel on October 3, 2014 On Sunday, September 28, from about 3-6pm, 300+ people gathered at the Midtown Center to celebrate what God has been doing in the core-city neighborhoods of Holland.  The event was catalyzed by Kathy Beal and a few like-minded people, like-minded in their … Read More

“Jesus Prays for Us”

by: Rev. Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald (excerpt from a sermon Oct. 5, 2014) Sometimes I think we have forgotten that we are “sent people” to be in ministry to the world, beyond the walls of our church. We’ve settled into a ministry that is comfortable to us, located inside the building. We are sent to be light to … Read More

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Adapted by Dwight Beal from the hymn by William H. Parker and Fredrich A. Challinor – TELL ME THE STORIES OF JESUS  Verse One Tell me the stories of Jesus, I love to hear Things I would ask him to tell me if He were here Scenes by the wayside, tales of the sea Stories of Jesus, … Read More

Jan’s Story About Phil

By Jan Lancaster – Originally told at the Beal Memorial Celebration on September 28, 2014 My name is Jan Lancaster. I have been asked to talk about Phil as a dear friend and a person of peace. I knew Phil as a prophet. Unlike the common perception of a prophet as someone who predicts the future, actually Biblical … Read More

Denise’s Story

By Denise Kingdom-Grier – [originally presented in spoken word] This is my story All glory to the one who came first – stayed last the future and the past the story of my neighborhood as I stood two steps behind he who turned water into wine —   I walk 2 steps behind   white tops … Read More

Inebriated Angels

by Dwight Beal Back in November, during our sneak preview of winter, I was rehearsing late at the church on a Saturday night. I was tired from a long day, and distracted with many things. As I often do when my brain gets overloaded, I forgot where I parked my car. So instead of going out … Read More

“Loving Our Children”

By Virgil Gulker When school children are matched with KIDS HOPE USA mentors from neighborhood churches, they are full of questions. “Are you paid?” they ask, because every other person who spends time with them at school is paid.  They soon discover that the mentors are good—but are paid nothing. “Are you coming back?” they … Read More

Faith in Practice

By Mark Tucker – Carlos came to Community Action House as a member of his fifth grade class to give a donation and to help sort clothes.  When they finished, the class ate at the Community Kitchen. After eating, Carlos approached his teacher and the Executive Director.  He told them he was happy to be … Read More

Serving with Coffee

By Norma Noordijk – Last Wednesday while waiting for coffee at the Farmers’ Market, I witnessed Jesus in Action. Several developmentally disabled adults were very excited to be purchasing coffee and some were struggling to get the sweetness just right.  The loving embrace in the eyes of the Lemonjello’s employee as he added yet another … Read More

Embracing Culture

By Kavy Lenon – The Laotian community in the Holland/Zeeland area has grown in the past several years.  Most migrated to Michigan in the early 1980’s with the generosity of various local churches which sponsored families.   My family was one of the many who were fortunate and blessed to find a second home in the … Read More

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