“The word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” John 1:14 (The Message)

PROGRAM – Be sure to check out the Videos Page to watch the event!

“Following Jesus’ Footsteps in the Neighborhood”

Part 1: Mixer, Welcome, Music

  • Greeting and Mingling  – Name tags, Coffee and Cookies.
  • Roberto Jara and Dwight Beal – Name Tag Mixer to meet new people in the neighborhood
  • Roberto Jara – Welcome – “John 1:14” – Thank you to more than 40 churches, organizations, and many individuals.
  • Darryl Pierce –  Prayer
  • Dwight Beal – Leads singing:
    • “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”
    • “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus”  (Rearranged) – American Sign Language provided by Heidi Koster

Part 2: “Jesus Stories”

  • Roberto Introduces 1st Group of Stories.  Chosen from 50 of the “Jesus stories” on the website:
    • Priscilla Lopez  – “From Water to Wine”
    •  Inhyuk Hwang“Welcoming Jesus to Holland”   Written by Wendell Karsen
    • Ellorie Kenyon“ A Miracle in the Midst of Tragedy”
    • Jeannette Brownson – “Love in Any Language”

Part 3: Spoken Word, Stories about Phil Beal

Part 4: Art/Story, Scripture Story

  • Joel Schoon-Tanis art piece:“Peaceful Kingdom In The Neighborhood”
  • Darryl Pierce – “Posturing with Your Neighbor”, John 8: 2-11

Part 5: “Jesus Stories”

  • Roberto Introduces 2nd Group of Stories
    • Connie Amaya“Encouraging the Harvest, Grain by Grain”
    • Jonathan Brownson & Maggie Hollis – “The Tiny Things” Written by Sharon Arendshorst  
    • Rhonda Carter – “God Sent Her”
    • Raul Garcia – “Trusting in Love”

Part 6: Stories, Art, Dance

  • Roberto – history of  Boys and Girls Club of Holland from;
    • Tom Arendshorst’s story on the website: “Love that Lives on in the Neighborhood”
  •  Beth Seifert and Boys and Girls Club Students’ story about art piece: From Black Crows to Vibrant Tulips
    • Brianna Levi-Simpkins
    • Lexie Levi-Simpkins
    • Analisia Hines
    • Emerald Gonzales
  • Roberto introduces Escape Ministries, LIFTC, Circle Junkeez
    • Lexia Garcia “Surrendered”
    • Liturgical Dance/Walking Gallery/BreakDance

Part 7: Photography, Closing, Prayer

  • Roberto:  – Thank you for coming.  Encourage people to connect with others, and to visit the website. Look at the photography displays.
  • Dayna Beal – The website will always be live. Please continue to submit stories!
    • “Following in Jesus’ Footsteps”
  • Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald – Dismiss and Mingle, Closing Prayer.


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