Denise’s Story

By Denise Kingdom-Grier – [originally presented in spoken word]

Denise Kingdom-Grier Photo Courtesy of Emily VanDeWalker

Denise Kingdom-GrierPhoto Courtesy of Emily VanDeWalker

This is my story

All glory to the one who came first – stayed last

the future and the past

the story of my neighborhood

as I stood two steps behind

he who turned water into wine —


I walk 2 steps behind


white tops and black pants and a story that’s true

hey young ones what are you going to do

taking your stroll at ¼ to 8 – don’t be late


make your mark at VR


cause you gotta go far when you wear that white and black

2 steps behind Him


2 steps behind 17th street

trash talking, name callin finger pointin

they’re just ballin’

and stallin from sun up to sun down dribble juke pass around

cause this is your court and this is his town


the one who walks two steps ahead


of the door that swings open and shut


as she comes with a cup for food for alms

quivering palms to give not to get with forgiveness no regret

cause she can never forget how the water felt on her brow and the story of how her sins were washed away

so she came back to say– I’m still following Him


Her story—his song- praising the savior the whole day long

Monday thru Friday

Sunday and Sabbath day

open and shut the doors of the store, church , house

to mothers mourning

fathers born in

to church clothes and class rolls

one friend one foe


as we run, skip, walk two steps behind


row after row

of varying hues standing accused of breaking the color code

praying prayers across the road

is the little old lady who sat with me in her alienation offered a conversation

that lead to our liberation—


in my neighborhood– my story for His glory– two steps– one if I could- walking behind

Jesus in this neighborhood.

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