Looking to  join the Beal Memorial Celebration?  There are several ways to be a part of this event where we walk in the footsteps of Jesus through our neighborhood


 1. Be a Co-Sponsor

• Promote The Celebration in your church and/or organization.

• Furnish 2 dozen cookies or dry snacks.

2. Be a Connector

• Promote The Celebration in your community and organizations.

• Commit to bringing 10… 20… or more… people.

3. Be an Inviter

• Bring 1 or more people with whom you would like to share the afternoon.

It would be very helpful if you could help spread the word about this celebration. Click on the links below to download  a poster and a 2 sided- 5 x 7 invitation card. You are encouraged to download these files to print and or send them to your constituents. Feel free to change the text on the back of the invitation card to meet your needs. We have also provided materials in Spanish for you to use as well.


Poster (JPG version)

Poster (PDF version)

5×7 Invitation Card

BMC Spanish Poster

Spanish Poster (JPG version)

Spanish Poster (PDF version)

Spanish 5×7 Invitation Card

 Please let us know how you would like to partner with us by emailing We are excited to celebrate with you as we “Follow Jesus’ Footsteps in The Neighborhood.”

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