From Black Crows to Vibrant Tulips

Painting & Explanation by Members of the Boys and Girls Club –



God made our world with creativity and design: the flowers in their bright colors, the animals and insects made with interest, music, dance, science, art, and more for us to live life to the fullest and enjoy His creation. While all of this beauty shows God’s goodness, God never said the Christian journey would be easy.

We all experience rough moments in our lives, much like the path that curves, dips, has bumps, and is unpredictable, while the grass moves to wherever the wind takes it.   The sunset fades from red to blue, expressing emotions of anger and sadness.  We often blame God for life’s circumstances.

The hovering black crows portray the devil with his tempting schemes, while God gives us a fresh start when we pray for forgiveness.

The tulips portray the people of Holland, specifically those living in the neighborhood and those who are staff and members of the Boys and Girls Club.


The group of tulips with various colors represent diversity, and the group with the same color with one unique flower represents individuality. We all are alike; people with aspirations and desires in life, yet each are fearfully and wonderfully made and different from the next.

The sun brightens our day and lightens our path, while helping the moon to do the same at night. Jesus is the “light of the world and a light unto our path.” The footsteps also represent Christ who walks along side all of us on our journey. While our path at times is rocky, and we’re unsure of the way that the wind will blow, Christ has gone ahead of us and has taken the most difficult road so that we don’t have to and so that we might be saved.

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