Heaven Scent

By Jonathan Brownson –

Last night we had a church meeting. Before we did anything, though, we had a time of listening prayer.  After listening for a time, I asked the people to share a word, sentence, name, or picture God might have given them.  Brent said that God gave him a verse reference (John 12:3), but he didn’t know what the verse was. Other people shared other messages or thoughts God had given them, and business went on as usual that night and today, until a few moments ago.

Telma who had been at church for a women’s Bible study, burst into my office, saying, “I smell somting”.  She went on to say that it smelled like flowers, something beautiful and it was coming from the sanctuary.  I went with her to the sanctuary, and thought I knew what it was.  I said, “Telma, I think you are smelling our new carpet.”  So Telma got down on her hands and knees and put her nose to the carpet to test my theory.  “No,” she said, “It is not the carpet…it’s perfume, like flowers, and comin’ from sanctuary”.  So, I said to Telma, “Let me go get my Bible, I want to read something to you.”


I came back to read these words out of my bilingual Bible:  Y la casa se llenó de la fragancia del perfume.

What do the words mean in English?  And the house was filled with the fragrance of perfume.

And where are those words found?  John 12:3.

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