Camping in the Kingdom

By Jay Lindell –

“Capernaum” is a new ministry with teenagers who have cognitive impairments.  Each week, volunteers help out in classrooms at Holland High School and West Ottawa High School, serving students and building friendships.



This summer our annual trip to camp was joined by our first Capernaum campers. “John” was able to go to camp through a scholarship fund.   Zack Lindell, the team leader of the Young Life Capernaum club, tells this story about him:

I first met “John” as he sat in the corner of the classroom playing a game on his iPad.  I sat down next to him and began our friendship by asking him a few questions.  He barely spoke to me and his eyes never left the iPad.  After weekly visits we struck up a friendship.  John joined me on the camp trip in June.  The highlight of the week for me was, this young man who could not make eye contact with me when we met, was now all over camp with groups of Holland campers.  He fit in socially with all the other campers. John also experienced the gospel in words and actions.  Each night the speaker would tell campers about God’s love for us in Christ and each day John experienced the gospel as other kids included him in their activities.

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