An Angel Sent by God

By Delfino Hernandez –

I moved to Holland before my freshman year in high school. Moving to a new place sounded wonderful, yet I faced challenges that changed my life. I didn’t know anybody nor did I know English.  Why couldn’t I speak English? Well, I couldn’t because I was raised in Mexico; I was raised surrounded by a different language and culture.

During my high school years, it was even more difficult than I imagined. Life was harder because my family is in the low income range. Being a student in a low income family was one of the most challenging struggles one could face,because many factors came into play. Transportation, school supplies and electronics were difficult to obtain.

Then an important event happened that solved most of my struggles, in both my personal life and education. A school administrator took a personal interest in me.  He was like my parents say, “An angel sent by God”. This person was always there during my high school years. He lent me a laptop so I could do my English homework and projects. He provided rides to different places like Lansing, Midland, Niles, and many locations in Holland. He supported me financially, as well as finding me a job within the Holland Public Schools. He gave me a lot, but only asked for one thing in return… to succeed at doing my best.


Delfino accepting an award.



Thanks to this person, my life took an enormous twist that helped me graduate from high school, gain better English skills, and most importantly, earn my way to attend Hope College. He is Tom, my friend, my second family.

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