Snippets of Life Together on the Block

By Anonymous –

I live on 18th street. One neighbor and I share a snow blower. It is my machine, but, “Sally” stores it in her garage. We take turns shoveling each other’s driveways and at times neighbors’ drives and sidewalks, too. Sally and I both love gardening, so we exchange plant cuttings and talk plants. We have shared many a conversation.  She loves pets, and happily feeds our puppy, if we are not home. We return the favor from time to time for her dog. If needed, we gather the mail for each other. It is almost like having a daughter or sister next door.

“Edith and Joe” live next door, too. Whenever we gather for a block party, Edith is always quick to offer table service. She never brings one dish to pass; she brings several. She often has toys and trinkets for the little ones, thoughtfully gathering kid’s meal toys for these occasions. Joe recently had heart surgery, so for several weeks I was happy to mow his yard whenever I mowed mine. I grow blackberries on the fence between our houses, and welcome them to harvest as much as they like.

Across the alley, “Art and Kelly” are always the first to join with us in organizing the spring alley clean up. They’ll grill, pull weeds, rake or whatever is needed.

Our neighbors have blessed us by sharing life with us. We share joys like anticipated vacations and birthday parties, sorrows like illnesses and accidents, and so much more. We have each other’s backs! Deep community takes work, but our neighbors are our friends and family. Doing life together is much sweeter than any alternative. I believe that, together, we make the block and the neighborhood a great place to live, a taste of heaven on earth!

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