Consider How the Lilies Grow

By Anonymous – Recently, as is my habit, I was walking my puppy in the neighborhood. I happened to meet “Sue”. Sue is a bit lonely, lives alone, with some disability. It was bothering her that the strip of weeds behind her garage in the alley was unattractive. Her presenting request to me in passing was: “Do you know someone with a tiller I could borrow?” Well, I have a tiller and knew that was not really going to help much in achieving her dream of a nice row of lilies behind the garage. Later that week, I walked over having arranged to meet her. I needed to borrow her shovel because mine has been missing for a while. I spaded the section, carefully removing all grass and weeds. I’ll go back and transplant lilies this week.  Here is the cool part of the story. “Sue” did not want to be just a taker! She was wracking her brain about how she could do something in return that would bless my family and me. After some discussion we decided it would be a wonderful gift if when my wife and I needed a break some evening, “Sue” would come and sit with my 90 year old mom (who lives with us). Everyone has a gift to share!

“Consider how the lilies grow.” -Luke 12:27

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