From Here to There . . . and Here Again

By Alice Brown Beery –

Once upon a time a missionary from a far country

came to a church to tell about people needing to hear God’s Word.

In that church that day was a young man whose heart was open

to serving God. An idea was born in his heart that later became a ministry

sharing God’s Word in hundreds of languages in many countries

around the world using up-to-date technology.

Now people are coming from other countries to the town where this

church is located, and they too are hearing God’s Word

in their own languages.

That church was 4th Reformed, the year was 1967, and the ministry is

Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM).  Without the prayers and early support

of a neighborhood church, ASM would not be here today.


An Envoy Scripture Player made & distributed globally by ASM.

ASM is but one of the many ways God’s Word is being heard around the world,

but the church in the heart of the neighborhood gave ASM its start

and has been a wonderful continuing support

through the years!


Recipients of the Envoy Scripture Players

God’s Word is being heard!

Praise be to GOD!

From HERE  – the neighborhood church

To THERE – Around the World

and HERE AGAIN – Our Neighbors!

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