By Doug Dinkins –

Our community of Holland has an all-volunteer workshop called PET (Personal Energy Transportation).  Mostly made up of retirees, these folks manufacture small three wheel vehicles for children around the world who have lost the use of their legs.


This was started downtown where the building owner not only provided free space for the shop, but made many of the parts in his business part of the building.  To accommodate volunteers who worked during the day, the building owner also hosted a Wednesday evening combination Bible study – meal – work session to make parts for the PETs.

I was asked to volunteer to find sources for the metal parts for the PET’s.  It was a blessing that many local manufacturing companies and retired folks agreed to assist.  One day we were in need of a part to be welded.  We were discussing where we might find a welder when a tall gentleman walked in and asked if he could help do welding for us.  The part happens to be in the shape of a cross.

Pivot Pin - Cross

This is an example of how God has provided the resources needed to help these disabled children – the least of these – around the world.  God is at work in Holland and has richly blessed us.

Child on PET 1

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