From Water to Wine

By Priscilla Lopez –

The Holland police were called and I fled the scene.

Living in a domestic relationship for a couple years took its toll on me.  I’d had enough of the harassment but instead of calling out to my Lord, I took it into my own hands.

I must say this was a blessing in disguise to my life.  I was on probation when this occurred so I ran to a local ministry to complete community service before I went to trial.  While completing my service, I was continually asked to attend classes.

I accepted and decided to be honest about my actions and changed my plea to guilty.

Priscilla Lopez

Priscilla Lopez

Since accepting responsibility for my decisions and becoming a part of this ministry, I have become stronger in my faith.  And where once I saw the Holland Police Department and this town as a burden I now see an amazing and resourceful community.

I now work for this ministry and the City of Holland.  I have graduated from the Neighborhood Leadership Academy and have gained an appreciation for my community.  I’ve gained a family.  Above all else, I’ve gained a LOVE like none other!

I am eager and have begun stepping out into my neighborhood to spread the LOVE that was shown to me so freely.  I believe now is our time to share the LOVE and voice of our Lord.

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