Neighbors Like Family

By Anonymous

Moving into the heart of downtown Holland from our comfy, country dream home that we built 24 years prior and raised our family in was not easy to say the least.  We were, however, very excited to see what God had planned for us as we really felt a calling to do this!

While fixing up the house, prior to moving in, my husband met a friendly 8-year old neighbor boy.  This sweet boy offered to help with some odd jobs and showed up daily at the house.  My husband met his parents, but communication was limited due to them only speaking Spanish. One day the boy shared with us that his dad had been sent back to Mexico.

In the past two years, the friendship with this mother and her three children has been such a blessing to us!  The father has not returned and it has been very hard on the family.   My husband has had the opportunity to mentor this boy in school and in many regards has become a father figure for these children.   We have been privileged to interact with them several times a week.

Last fall they moved to the northside of town to be closer to school and work, but the friendship has continued.

They are Christ followers as well and it has been so amazing to see God orchestrate a beautiful relationship between our families.  For that we are thankful!

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