By Harv and Lolly Vanden Bosch –

Our neighbor, Casey, (84), lived alone.  He was very reclusive, fearful, and distrustful.  His house was filled with books, clothing, old mail, art work, and things he fancied from area dumpsters.  It became increasingly apparent that he was in need of more care.  Three neighbors who watched over him became very concerned about his living conditions.  After meeting with Social Services and the City Housing Dept. the neighbors agreed to ratchet up their level of care.  We knew that is what Jesus expected of us.  (Love your neighbor)

They secured grants from Homecor, His Harvest Stand and Ourstreet.  This helped pay for the necessary costs involved with fixing up Casey’s house inside and out.

Sadly, just before the entire repair items were completed, Casey was found by one of the neighbors on the bathroom floor having suffered a slight stroke.  He was taken to the hospital and now lives at Lakeside Vista Assisted Living, happy and comfortable.

During the summer of 2013, the neighbors cleaned out his house and sold it.  The new owner is in the process of remodeling and plans to live there.

The three neighbors continue to visit Casey and take him for doctor checkups etc.  One of the neighbors serves as his conservator and another (formerly a nurse) is his medical advocate.  We continually pray for him and hope our friendship with him will draw him to God.

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